Saturday, April 3, 2010


March has been a busy month for the Finns! It feels like we just moved in even though it's been over a month already, and we still have boxes littering out new home. Slowly, it's becoming what it will be forever- ours- but for now it's just a place that holds our stuff.
Will had a pretty bad cough and nose grossness this month, and we went to our new doctor, Dr Tuttle, who gave him some medicine to make him better. We also went for his six month and discovered (surprise, surprise) how huge he is- 17lbs, 5oz, 28.5 inches long, and his head is huge at 18.9. Love it.
Here are some pictures of Will's new friend Miss Charlotte Burr, our new stroller (fifty bucks on Craigslist!!) , our home and our adventures. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Woah, it's been two and a half months.....

Sorry everyone, it's been SUPER crazy.
We didn't think we would buy a house for another year or more, but then we looked at houses the day after Christmas and fell in love, and then God made it abundantly clear that this was THE home for us. So we now own a home. Crazy. We had a lot of very fast up and downs (sometimes more than four in a day) and now live on 14 Abbey Road, in East Hampton, CT. Dan is working from home, and Will and I are trying to get settled, though he's teething pretty bad and we both have a tummy bug. We definitely have some projects to do on this house this summer, like a new oil tank, but the major project, an entirely new septic system, was part of our sale, and that was done two days before we bought it, on Monday, the 22nd of February. We moved all of our stuff on the 27th. Moving out of the Beverly Apartment was very difficult, and though it went great, it still took four hours. Unloading in CT was done in less than one, and then we had so many bodies, we sent some home, and others helped us unpack the kitchen and bedroom. It was amazing. God provided for us in ways I couldn't have even thought of- after a week of working on the house, we left on Friday night for Beverly with a long list of things to still do to the house. When I got to the house on Saturday and it was almost completely moved in, with more rooms painted and cleaned than we had done, I was so overwhelmed. We have so many friends here and so much family. As sad as I am to leave MA and our dear friends, it is so wonderful to know that we do have a support system here too. I'm still completely overwhelmed but I figured I needed to update SOMETHING so I can stop getting yelled at..... ;) I'll post more soon.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

'Tis The Season

December was very full for the Finns- here's what we've been doing!
Will, Auntie Erin, Grammy Lechowicz and I made way too many Christmas cookies this year, and we gave them away as gifts. It's been pretty cold lately, but baking them kept us very warm. The three of us (Will, Dan, and myself) made our way to CT for the holidays, which was spent with Mom and Dad Finn and then Mom and Dad Lechowicz (and the rest of the East Hampton crew- Great Grampa, Erin, Stephen, Aunt Linda, Uncle Alan, Jarad, Avery, Kristen, and everyone on Christmas Night). We had so much fun for Christmas and we miss CT so much that we have begun to look at houses in the area- a very exciting and scary process. We took TONS of pictures- to view them go to facebook- I put them in an album labeled Winter 09. This post will probably get longer later, but that's all for now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What We're Thankful For

On Tuesday morning at about 3am, Will had a little spit up after his feeding that was flecked with blood. We thought it might just be a crack in mom's nipple or a cut in his mouth (we couldn't find anything, but either can be so small, they can be easily missed), so we put him back to sleep. Tuesday during the day, I hand expressed milk (I usually have a little more than he needs) a few times, and all of that milk was clean. At about 3pm he threw up a lot of blood, so we called the doctor and went in right away. While we were there he threw up a bit, but it was brown, so we thought whatever it was- it was now going away. It was theorized that it was a reaction to the vaccine he drank the day before, but he was in no pain, so it wasn't that. Dr Ting told us to go home and relax and to take him to the ER if he spit up bright red again. So we did. At seven pm he spit up blood again (see all our clothes), so we went to the ER. When we got there, the pedi and the nurses with her checked me out (found nothing) and checked him out and put a tube through his nose to his stomach to pump any blood out (it came out brown) and leave it in there to pump later. Then they had to take blood (it took them two tries, in either arm- he now has bruises) and put an IV in (another try in the hand, another bruise) , because I would not be able to breastfeed until they knew what it was. We also had to hold him up, and then down, for some x rays. Then, at about ten, we were sent by ambulance to the children's hospital in Boston- I was with Will, Dan followed in the car, but took a little longer because he had to go home and grab a few things, since we would be there at least overnight. The paramedics were wonderful and talked to me the whole trip, and Will fell asleep in the ambulance looking at me. When we got to the Children's hospital ER, we were brought into a room, where my cousin Kristen and Lydia found me and helped me wait for Dan while the nurses proceeded to poke and prod Will (again). By this time, Will had ripped out his IV, so they had to put in another one on his foot. The doctors decided to schedule him for a scope the next morning. Kristen and Lydia stayed until about one, and then the three of us were left to wait until they had processed our papers and could send us upstairs to a room. When we got there, at about 3am, yet another set of nurses and doctors checked us out, and still had no answers. By this time it had been ten hours since I nursed last, and since he had anything to eat (hence the IV for him) so they hooked me up to a breast pump. We were all very shocked when blood (not milk with blood in it, just blood) came out of both of my breasts. It was such an intense mix of relief (that it wasn't Will) and surprise and nervousness about me! We all went to sleep for about an hour, when one doctor came back and said I could feed Will, but that I might want to pump first and make sure it's clean. I pumped, and it was clean, so I started to feed will for a few moments and then took him off, and saw some blood on his mouth. So I pumped clean milk and Dan fed him (finally, after almost 12 hours of no food). They sent us home around ten with instructions to watch him and to make an appointment with my obgyn next week.
So we went home, packed up, and then went to CT to be with family. I am slowly healing, using some nipple ointment I got previously, and letting Dan do all the feedings with a bottle full of pumped breast milk. I have breast fed a few times and while I'm sore, there is no sign of blood!
We are so thankful for a healthy family.
In other news, Dan's grandmother got sick on Thursday and went to the hospital, so please pray for her! We visited her today and she is doing as well as a 92 year old can be expected.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

William Paul Finn

September 23rd 2009 8:36am
William Paul Finn was born at 9lbs, 9oz
Even though Kaitlin was dilated 3cm since 37 weeks, Will didn't break through until the 22nd, and then show up on the next morning. Everyone is happy and healthy. William is close to a month old now, and growing steadily (already 11, 3!), even though Kaitlin suffered through Strep and Mastitis last week, and he had the saddest little cold ever. Daniel is already able to give him bottles of breast milk and is the best Daddy ever (like we had any doubt he would be). We love our baby boy and we are so happy!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

August (and a bit of September)

Well, any day now we'll be heading to the hospital to have a baby. Until then, I'm finding things to do around our apartment (since I've been having contractions and have been dilated 3cm for two weeks- punk kid). So here I am updating our blog. These are two pictures from 38 (and a bit) weeks. Isn't my husband so cute?
August was great, and the only HOT month of the summer. I did a lot of work for AWC this month and my last day was the 26th. Eden stopped by for a weekend and we had a blast with her. We had a bit of a 'babymoon' on the cape for two days and spent most of them in the ocean (which was warm and wonderful). I also had a great babyshower in CT.
September so far has been awesome and awful. Kandyce and Jess came for Labor day and we had a blast. However, since before the 8th, I've been super uncomfortable, crampy and sick. Oh, and dilated! But this kid just wont come out! So that's a bit frustrating, but it's okay, he'll be out someday! We'll let you know when he makes his appearance.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, July was crazy busy. Every Monday night we had our baby classes where I watched Dan learn a lot about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and babies. It was fun! Plus, I got a back rub every Monday night. Yay, me! The only downside was that during our hospital tour, there were two babies int he nursery. One of them was normal. The other was 10lbs, 14 oz, delivered naturally with no meds. I will let you digest that info.
Other events included the 4th picnic in East Hampton, and then the Old Home's Day parade on the 11th. While we were in CT, my mom hemmed my dress for Leanne's wedding. The 17th was the Allen's rehearsal, and then their wedding the next day. It was so much fun.
Our big trip to Wisconsin for Leanne and Daniel's wedding was fantastic. I'm so happy for my roomie! She was so pretty and is so happy! I've posted full pictures of both weddings on Facebook, but here are a few. We also had fun at concerts at the park, when they weren't rained out. William is HUGE and continues to grow really really fast. The midwives always tell me that he will be quiet on some days and that I shouldn't expect him to be active all the time, but they really don't know him that well. William doesn't stop moving. Ever. At all. I don't usually go more than one minute without getting smacked around in there. I'm pretty sure that if you looked inside my belly, there would be lots of bruises! He is crazy strong. He also enjoys playing funny games in my belly, like guess which body part this is, and watch me move and hey, if I put my foot right here it looks like mom has three boobs. He's quite creative. I will try to get it on film, it's ridiculous watching my stomach morph!